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First Podcast by NeverPeakMedia


If the majority of people are consumers, the minority are thus PRODUCERS. Producers create, innovate and add value through products that they offer. Successful producers are the so-called “1%” that accumulate mass amounts of wealth and achieve the financial freedom in life they desire.

Producers are not solely the “big corporations” which make up the world. Producers are the people that TAKE ACTION toward what they want to do, what they believe and what they know will add value to the world. Some become “big corporations” as result, however all successful producers all have one thing in common: they’ve found a PASSION, developed a PURPOSE and then, created a PRODUCT surrounding both.

Wealth creation from this product comes from a complete and unchanging devotion toward making that product successful. True producers persist until such is achieved and UNDERSTAND the road along the way will have challenges. However, what separates top producers from mediocre ones is the ability to EMBRACE these challenges and use them to their advantages, rather than setbacks.

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to change the world? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? Breakout of the majority and BE A PRODUCER. Find your passion, develop a purpose and create a product revolving around that. COMMITtoward that product’s success, persist until it happens, and YOU WILL get to where you want to be.

Best and safe travels,

Aaron Cort