How to Empower Others to Empower Themselves

How to Empower Others to Empower Themselves

How to Empower Others to Empower Themselves

The keys to helping people discover their true potential is an art in itself…

Self-discovery stems from alignment with purpose and alignment with purpose starts with knowledge of purpose…

How does one then help others (and even themselves) with discovering purpose?

Well, discovering purpose is not like finding a 100 dollar bill on the floor because it doesn’t just happen by accident!

It’s strategic, planned, and executed to purposefully find purpose.

Finding purpose is the biggest key to any form of organizational and personal efficiency!

And before we can help others do this we must first be able to do this for ourselves…

Here are 4 methods for implementing this for yourself and eventually for others whom you lead:

1) Discovery of Self – Take time to discover who you are & why you are the present version of yourself. Think about what the biggest life events that have molded you and why they have molded you. Awareness it always the first step!

2) Focus on Your Future Self – Focus on the version of yourself you want to be that you are not currently aligned with in all aspects. What qualities, routines and beliefs does that version of yourself have? Be thorough.

3) What Are The Benefits? – Why is this version of yourself more powerful for living your dream life than the present version? How does this help you live the life of your dreams? How does this help others?

4) Plan of Execution – Come up with a plan for how to execute. Put in your calendar the daily, weekly & monthly activities that empower you. Give yourself a reward for sticking to it & remind yourself of the “what are the benefits” section every morning.

These 4 methods are practiced not only by myself and our company, but other very high performing individuals in the world.

For information on how we take these things & implement them with our clients for sales, marketing, and personal development systems for companies click here to set up a time to chat.

To your success! 

-Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder