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Make the World Your Sales Playground

Whether we realize it or not we all work in sales. Every moment of the day you’re either selling or being sold. Whether it’s a product, job, service or even yourself, the world is a sales playground.

Selling is the most fundamental aspect of everything which occurs around us. On a day to day basis we’re probably aware we’re constantly being marketed products. However, do we realize with everyone we see and talk to, we’re also selling and marketing ourselves?

At one point in our lives we’ve all heard of the concept: “you need to be able to sell yourself.” This is vague and we’ve probably heard it countless times, but selling yourself truly is the key to success in any aspect of our lives. Think of yourself as business, and the success of that business is determinant on how well it’s product or service is sold; in this case, that product or service is you.

How do you sell yourself well?

The first way to do so is by knowing yourself. How can you sell a product you don’t know? Do you think any successful sales person has ever become successful by having absolutely no clue about the product he or she is selling? Know the product you’re selling, and know it well, and you’ll sell it a lot more effectively.

The second is through your first impression. Another concept we’ve all heard before: “first impressions are everything.” Your first impression is all you really have, and it can be your one shot to getting what you want. Whether it’s your dream job or even meeting who could potentially be your significant other, if you tarnish a first impression it can very well be your last impression.

The third way is your conversational demeanor. Do you listen more than you talk? Do you smile throughout a conversation? Do you ask engaging questions? Does your body language say I’m excited to be here? These factors are some of many which help present yourself as a person whose sole motive in life is not just “me, me, me” but also, the good and well-being of others.

Selling, especially selling yourself, is an art which can be mastered by two factors: time and practice. What I mentioned above are some key fundamentals, and of course there are many additional skills that go along with them. Practice makes perfect and who doesn’t want to be king or queen of the playground?

Best and safe travels,

Aaron Cort