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One Investment that will Generate CONSISTENT Massive Returns

Invest in yourself.


Who’s ever heard that phrase before?


It’s funny to me how the most cliche phrases are often the most applicable for their intended purpose. The purpose of that one: the key to all success.


A popular Jim Rohn quote: “Income seldom exceeds personal development.”


2017 Translation: Your income will never be more than you are willing to invest in you.


You can make all the investments in real estate and the stock market you want, however those are investments you have no real control over. Direct control lies only within your own capabilities, and your capabilities are contingent on the skills you choose to develop.


Maybe you are new to the game of growing yourself as a person, maybe you’re experienced in the field. Regardless, here are 3 places that will consistently provide a lucrative return for the investment you make in yourself:

“Self-help” books and seminars

There’s such a negative stigmatism around the “self-help” industry. However when one takes the right amount of action, helping yourself mentally is just about the best thing you can do.

The mind dictates all that the body does, and if you feel like your own mind at times is what’s holding you back from a potential that is untapped then “self-help” books and seminar can be a great place to start or continue your personal development journey.

A few books that I personally recommend, being the ones I started my own journey reading:

Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

CREDIBLE Online Courses

Say what you want about internet marketing, but some of the best products out there are delivered from the place you may least like to buy things or even like to buy things most. Internet marketers though, at least successful ones, normally have a lot of value to offer.

Now I’m not over here preaching that Tai Lopez (the guy from every Youtube ad you probably see) is a God-send, but admit this: if you’ve been on Youtube then you’ve heard of him. He’s been so effective at dominating a market, despite partially hurting his brand image, that he’s accomplished a feat that most marketer and business owners dream of: omnipresence.

Tai Lopez has online courses, one which I even took and surprisingly did receive a lot of value out of. But where the value stems from is your ability to take action, and taking actions starts from the mind.

Mastermind’s and environments with high-level individuals

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Another quote today from Mr. Rohn, but true nonetheless. We are products of our environments and who you surround yourself with is who you become.

There’s a ton of masterminds out there and even more so-called environments that you pay can pay to be a part of. Where I would recommend from personal experience would be the places where the people are both like you, have similar goals, and support who you want to become.

I myself work with a company called Epic Impact that works with and creates a community around high-level salespeople and entrepreneurs. I’m also in a marketing-specific mastermind group and countless pages on social media of those who do what I do in one way or another.
The moral of the story: you are a product of your environment and you can either choose what that product is or let others choose for you.