Social Media Marketing the Cure to Modern Advertising?

Social Media Marketing the Cure to Modern Advertising?

Social Media Marketing the Cure to Modern Advertising?

Nobody watches ads anymore let’s face it.

Yes many people “watch” them, however many are not as attentive as they used to be & are not even close to as engaged with traditional mediums of advertising/marketing as they used to be.

Where does that leave businesses trying to market their products & services then effectively?

It leaves them exploring other mediums of advertising & marketing trying to find the best ones that get them the best ROI.

“Social media marketing is the answer!”

We’ve all heard it before, whether we are a small, medium, or enterprise level company.

But how do we effectively use social media marketing?

Social media marketing is best used as a TOOL, rather than the end all be all of marketing.

Partnered with other marketing efforts, social media marketing can be very effective!

For example: quality, social media marketing content is put out consistently for a niche audience on Instagram. It links back to a website promotion for a deal or discount on product, with a well-designed website on the backend/frontend for converting traffic into sales

Now that’s what I call a one-two punch.

Or as Gary Vaynerchuk would phrase it, “jab, jab, right hook.”

Social media marketing is a tool which if used effectively can drive sales, build a community & build a desirable perception in the eyes of the public for a brand or company…

That’s what all marketing (especially social media marketing) is frankly, PERCEPTION!

And nowadays, it’s leaning more heavily toward social media marketing which creates a whole new perception based on what network is utilized and what type of content you put out…

However, you have to always keep two questions in mind:

1) What is the desired outcome of your social media marketing?

Are you trying to drive sales? Build engagement? Grow a community? Or all the above…

2) What types of social media marketing best represent your desired outcome?

Should you post consistent content or Facebook & Instagram more than you do on Twitter & Pinterest? Or should you utilize all the above?

Other great questions to consider!

At Never Peak Media, our main goal is to help business owners, marketers, and decision makers in companies answer these two social media marketing questions & develop content that CREATES rather than negates from what the business NEEDS…

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To your success!

-Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder