The 2 Most Effective Areas of Online Marketing for Driving Traffic

The 2 Most Effective Areas of Online Marketing for Driving Traffic

The 2 Most Effective Areas of Online Marketing for Driving Traffic

Online marketing is a subject which contains many facets…

There are many components of online marketing, however I feel it’s best to talk about the most important ones!

Online marketing is based around what I like to think of as foundational pieces that vary per business & per industry…

Ultimately what aspects of online marketing you yourself choose to utilize (whether it’s for a business or personal brand) is going to be contingent on the desired outcome you’re looking to achieve from your efforts!

Where are the best places to place your online marketing efforts if you’re looking for your “quick-fixes” for driving traffic?

There really are no “quick-fixes” for driving sales in online marketing, however driving traffic is a whole different game then driving sales…

Driving sales requires A/B testing, multivariate testing, & many other aspects of experimentation!

With solely driving traffic quickly in online marketing here’s two areas I would recommend:

1) Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Google Adwords works, but Facebook can be even better for immediate online marketing results!

With the ability to “boost” posts or use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your page/offline destination this can be one method of utilization…

Facebook is great too in online marketing because you can get very targeted on who sees your advertising message which can create a potentially great initial response rate and/or engagement if targeted strategically!

With B2B businesses, I would recommend using “job titles” & “interests” as these help with reaching those that matter the most & with B2C businesses there’s a lot more leeway but getting as specific as possible is still just as applicable…

2) Putting out content on a major media outlet

Many major media sites allow for you to have the ability to pay to put out content on their sites &/or have them write articles for you…

If they are a credible source for reaching your target market then this is a great route which can be explored in online marketing & can be effective too for the long run!

With choosing the right media outlets to target, I would recommend first building out your “Client/Customer Avatar” to find out exactly where your target markets is looking most to receive news…

Examples include sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, or Entrepreneur ; choose yours wisely!

There are many other mediums that are utilizable for driving traffic, however these are the two I would recommend in online marketing that’ll get you the best ROI.

However, just be aware all mediums of PPC for best ROI in the long-term require constant testing & that cannot be stressed enough.

At Never Peak Media, we look to help people understand the processes behind not only driving traffic, but everything that does go into this long-term process of building out & scaling profitable online marketing campaigns!

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To your success!

-Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder