The 2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing Any Online Advertising

The 2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing Any Online Advertising

The 2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing Any Online Advertising

There’s quite a craze around online advertising nowadays…

A lot of it entails businesses & companies either seeing really amazing results or really poor results, so it’s safe to say there’s mixed reviews around online advertising!

So what’s the truth? Is online advertising effective or ineffective?

Well, this depends on your model of business & what industry you’re in…

More importantly however it depends who’s running your online advertising!

I believe the phrase goes: “It’s not the car as much as it is the driver” ; I like to think online advertising follows the same principles…

Here’s are two questions to ask yourself before determining the start of an online advertising campaign:

1) How credible is the agency, consultant or individual running my advertising?

Credibility is key and my advice for determining credibility would be case studies & samples of work that demonstrate quantifiable online advertising results…

Would you hire a mechanic that isn’t able to fully articulate the makes & models of cars he/she has worked on?

Same concept, make sure they can stand behind their word & have results to show!

2) Have they worked with people or companies in my industry before?

Just because there’s success in one realm does not mean that there is success in all when it comes to whom you trust with your online advertising… look for specialists not generalists!

That’s where you’ll normally get the best ROI…

Specialists in the advertising field normally are more familiar with your target market, the types of copy that fit best within it, and the most effective sales funnels to pair with their ads for maximum results!

At Never Peak Media, we look to make sure people are paired with the RIGHT people for delivering their online advertising work & that delivery is carefully done with a focus on constant testing!

That’s our role as consultants & service providers…

If interested on how we can help you or your business click here to book a time in our calendar OR click here to book a time in my own personal calendar if you would like to speak to myself personally!

To your success!

-Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder