The 3 Best Ways for Online Lead Generation

The 3 Best Ways for Online Lead Generation

The 3 Best Ways for Online Lead Generation

Lead generation is a term that’s thrown around a lot nowadays in online marketing…

There are so many routes to go about finding sources of lead generation, that it often becomes pretty confusing!!

If you’re looking for an effective lead generation system you might be thinking:

What lead generation routes are available?

1) Using a lead generation company

I get emails & messages from people that do this quite a bit & some of them can be quite effective for lead generation. However, credibility can be a question times & lead quality for “highest value clients” can be led astray…

2) Lead generation through paid advertising

Generating leads through paid advertising is an effective route for lead generation, however for a boot-strapped start up can be a bit costly. However if cash flow is right for the business, then paid advertising is one of the best mediums to do so for both quantity & quality!

3) Lead generation through organic social media outreach

Utilizing one’s own social network for lead generation can be very effective! LinkedIn is an obvious route that can work, one that has worked incredibly well for our company though as a complement is through Facebook & Instagram…

We do this for Instagram by using our followers, who increase in number daily, as leads whom we’ve called or sent a direct message. For Facebook, it’s been through finding individuals that are within our target market whom we can potentially serve & also reaching out directly.

“What’s the best one if my business is strapped for cash?”

Lead generation through organic social media outreach would be my best recommendation…

It’s personal & effective by sending out messages directly to people’s inboxes and while the response rate is a numbers game can assist efforts of lead generation tremendously!

At Never Peak Media, we’ve done this for ourselves & even have helped other early startups with utilizing the same system very effectively.

If interested on how we might be able to do the same for yourself, feel free to book a free appointment here.

To your success!


-Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder