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The One Tool That Will Improve Any Conversation

Is there some mystical method that can make a person like you within seconds? Better yet, is there a way to literally make any conversation go more fluidly and create a better relation with a person instantaneously? It might be simpler than you think.

Smile: the biggest key to having a successful conversation in any format or situation.

The social situations which smiling can improve and bring about greater success are endless. One could be meeting a potential customer for the first time, networking at an event, or simply going up to that good looking person on the street whom they’ve never met before. The key to having any of those situations, go, look and feel better is smiling.

Why? The process of smiling when talking to people has a lot of power in dictating the course of a conversation. It not only lightens the mood, but you smiling naturally makes the other person want to smile as well and also, continue the conversation. It’s all psychology; when people talk they subconsciously, or consciously, emulate each other’s state.

Think about a time you had a really great conversation with someone and you’ll probably realize they smiled for a good amount of the conversation. That smiling made you not only feel better about them, but also how you felt the conversation went. This is why most people normally choose to associate most with those that are joyous, positive and energetic; they make us feel good due to their aura, optimism, good spirit, and of course, their smile.

What smiling really is: the body’s way of creating an outward expression of one’s internal feeling of happiness. Whether the people doing it realize it or not, others enjoy to be around it. Why? It makes them feel happy.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been nervous in a conversation? Wanted to make a good impression on a first date? Or even sought to represent yourself in the best way possible to a new group of people? Start with a smile. It can work wonders.

Best and safe travels,

Aaron Cort