What's Wrong with Digital Marketing Today?

What’s Wrong with Digital Marketing Today?

What’s Wrong with Digital Marketing Today?

Digital marketing today has become a very saturated industry…

The saturation lies in the types of digital marketers that exist within the industry who frankly just lack integrity. I’ve had so many encounters with marketer who I can tell their sole motive is to “close” me & earn a dollar by taking the “long” approach!

With many business owners I’ve personally spoken to as well, it’s not uncommon at all to worry about someone who’s a “digital marketer” screwing you over from a financial standpoint…

Where have business owners been burnt in the past?

In long, over-drawn contracts that label a little bit of digital marketing work as a lot more than it is by using technical jargon which confuses those who are not familiar with digital marketing terminology…

A lot of this stems from many digital marketing agencies & digital marketers having an overflow of clients and thus an inability to serve all at the highest level, but also an over-focus on draining their clients of every dollar they have…

Many would view this as lacking integrity & is any lack of integrity in business acceptable?

Absolutely not (at least if you want to be around for a long time).

For most digital marketing work, you can easily find a qualified contractor to do the same amount of work at the same quality for half the price & half the time (if you know what to ask for).

Now you might be thinking: “If I can just use a contractor what’s the benefit of using an digital marketing agency or a digital marketing consultant?”

The benefit is that many digital marketing contractors might not speak great English (at least the ones I’ve worked with) & that can make working with them a hassle…

Also, knowing what to ask for is key & having the knowledge of a digital marketing professional can be beneficial for facilitating an efficient process!

What can you do to avoid wasting money on digital marketing?

Well, the answer is pretty straight forward. The three options would be:

1) Find a digital marketing agency that can deliver what you ask for based on your desired outcomes

2) Find a digital marketing consultant or digital marketing consulting company with your best
interest in mind that is passionate about what you do & knowledgable about what you need most

3) Learn yourself through reading & taking credible digital marketing courses on what’s most
important to your business

And those are only a few, however they are what I’ve learned from personally experience…

At Never Peak Media, we are a digital marketing consulting company & focus on being your partners in business rather than your service providers… If you’re a business owner & want to learn more about how we can help you, feel free to click here to book an appointment directly.

To your success!

-Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder