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Why “Management” Is Dead

Why “Management” Is Dead

Nowadays people don’t want to be “managed” they want to be LED.

There’s a huge difference between the two concepts.

“Management” is focused around a center in which a company simply wants results. They want people to hit their numbers, make their roles effective, and represent the company well through their efforts.

What’s wrong with this?

It’s not about the person, it’s about the company.

By having a lack of focus on the individual & a sole focus on the company, it leads to only a certain length to which a company & its systems can grow. Stagnancy stems from a lack of focus on what makes up the company: PEOPLE.

So what’s the answer?


People want to be LED into battle, not managed into battle. They want to be DRIVEN to hit their own goals, not just those of the company. They want to be PUSHED to hit their potential, not forced.

The conceptual difference between “traditional” management & “modern-day” management is the increase in individuality & focus on self due to the increase in resources people can use to develop their sense of self identity.

It differs per person, however what remains consistent is that people nowadays (and always) care most about themselves & failure to acknowledge this is failure to adapt.

At Never Peak Media, our goal within the company is to create a culture based on leadership. That leadership is not just present in our executive team, but in our both our content & sales teams as well.

The focus is how can we inspire & therefore GROW as a company from a place of PASSION rather than a place of forced actions & ulterior motives.

We do the same with all of our clients & partners in business.

If you have a business & you’re interested on how we specifically help our clients grow from a place of passion in automating their online sales & marketing, feel free to book a FREE breakthrough consulting session here.

To your success!

Aaron Cort, CEO & Co-founder