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Why Money Isn’t Evil and Balance Is Our Biggest Asset

Have you ever been told at some point that wanting to be heinously rich is “evil” or that it will “corrupt” you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The message is constantly ingrained in our subconscious from a multitude of sources (the media, parents, friends, teachers, etc.).

This can leave us troubled. We think: “is it bad to want too much money?” and/or “what is a good amount of money I should aim to obtain?” The answer really depends on you, and how big your dreams are.

You can choose to view money in one of two ways:

1) In scarcity, by letting society determine how you think about and limiting how much you want to acquire and/or “need.”


2) In abundance, as a positive inhibitor for which you can live your dreams and a medium for which you can save, change, and make lives.

The choice is yours to make.

“But money isn’t everything.” A common phrase we’ve heard, ironically from the same people and entities that have caused us to question and limit our view of it. BALANCING wealth with your health, relationships and passions are the essentials to well-lived, fulfilling life; where people become “evil” and “corrupt”, is when they lack this balance.

Complete balance comes from money being an instrument to monetize your passion and in turn, better balance both your health and relationships. Money is best utilized as a way to FUND dreams, not destroy them. When it comes to money and doing what you love, you can have both; the only pre-requisite is that the combination must fulfill a societal need.

Life’s all about ratios. Do we want to spend our entire lives constantly living in a negative one between work and pleasure OR do we want to create a life where our work is our pleasure? Money can be a tool to BUILD that life, we just need to use it the right way.

Why not live the good life both while you work and while you play? Look to find BALANCE in all you do, view money in ABUNDANCE, and look for societal needs to fulfill regarding your PASSION. Life turns into quite the adventure.

Best and safe travels,

Aaron Cort